You can help one of these families now

On this page you can meet the six families that need your help. And helping is easy with a monthly donation from you and maybe your friends and family. On average the rent of a decent houses costs € 50 to € 75 a month, food € 75 a month, utilities € 25 a month and education € 15 per month per child. You can make a huge difference for these parents and their kids. Below each introduction you will find a link and a TIAFI-number. Use it to fill in our Sponsor a Family form and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Thanks for reaching out! We appreciate it and so do the families.

Bessam’s family endures hardship

Bessam worked construction in Syria. He had a stroke and had heart surgery, but sadly died very recently. Bessam leaves behind his wife, who suffers from debilitating illnesses. They have a mentally disabled teenage son and 4 other children. Our main concern is their living conditions. Even more so now Bessam has passed away. The only home the mother and her children can afford is dark, damp, and infested with vermin. TIAFI has provided the family with a stove and will be supplying coal so the family no longer survives by huddling under blankets. Your support could help them move to a better home, by guaranteeing the rent or utilities for the duration of your sponsorship.

Please help Bessam’s family improve their situation – TIAFI20220106BI.

Gazi and Maha: parents of 5 children

The mother is suffering from cancer and the father has several health issues including a serious heart problem that prevents him from working. Of the 3 children still with the parents, the oldest girl, Amani, was unable to attend school due to the war. Any mention of school causes Amani to cry, as she wanted nothing more than to be able to complete her education. The son, Uday (11), attends school, loves football and is a huge Real Madrid fan. The 6-year-old boy suffers from severe autism and requires constant care. Two of the children were separated from the rest of the family on the journey from Syria. The parents want nothing more than to have the family reunited.

Today you can make a difference by supporting this lovely family – TIAFI20220102GS.

Single super dad Huseyin and his lovely girls

Huseyin is raising 5 young girls (3-13) on his own. He is unable to work because he must look after the girls. He receives food from TIAFI on weekdays and cooks for his girls on the weekends. He relies on credit from shops and struggles to repay them. He is attending the free Mobile Phone Repair course at TIAFI in hopes of finding work he can do from home.

You can improve the lives of Huseyin’s girls – TIAFI20220105HJ.

The family Luay struggles as the father faces amputation

The Luay family has 4 children ages 5 to14. The three older children are in school and 7-year-old Nur is a budding young artist. The father was doing his best to support his family by selling clothes from a cart in the poorer neighborhoods of Izmir. Due to a severe medical condition, he now struggles to walk. His condition has worsened to the extent that he can no longer work and faces possible amputation. The family searches for rags and other items to burn, as they cannot afford coal or wood.

Change their lives – TIAFI20220103LS.

Stand by Selma and her family

Selma is a caregiver at heart and worked in a doctor’s office before leaving Syria. She is now raising her 2 daughters and 1 son (ages 2-6). The two girls love playing with their little brother and baking him pretend treats. Her husband suffers due to severe war-trauma and this leaves Selma alone with full responsibility for the family. TIAFI has often visited the family to find there was no food in the house. Selma would love to do some real baking with the girls, but a mini oven costs € 50. It could be your one-time € 50 donation. 

Help Selma taking care of her family – TIAFI20220104HA.

Kevkeb’s children want to go to school too

On meeting Kevkeb you are first taken in by her youthful appearance and determination. No one would guess she is the young mother of four children struggling to survive all alone in Izmir on less then € 85 a month. Her greatest fear is that she will have to take the children out of school. Kevkeb has 3 daughters and a 3-year-old son. The oldest daughter and the 12-year-old twins, Neda and Huda, love school. Ahmad loves trucks and wants to be Spiderman when he grows up.

Your donation could help Kevkeb keep her kids in school – TIAFI20220101KH.