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Team International Assistance for Integration or TIAFI ( in Turkish: Uluslararası Yardımlaşma ve Entegrasyon Derneği) is a registered charity working in Turkey to empower the most vulnerable (refugee) women and their families so that they can find the peace, security and respect they deserve. Started by one person, TIAFI is growing fast and attracting support from volunteers and organisations worldwide who share our values of humanity, respect and interaction. At TIAFI you can find all nationalities working together, pitching in side-by-side and sharing ownership of our projects.


We create change

To achieve a safe haven we are establishing a large Community Center. Here we want to train vulnerable women to seamstresses, while their children are being looked after and are being helped to enter Turkish schools. The tea room and advice centre will be a place for people to recuperate and get the extra support they need to find security.

We also pay regular visits to refugee families in the local area to see how they are doing and if we can provide ongoing assistance with food, medical care, education and work. We are also looking out for Turkish or women of other nationalities who are in the same situation and in urgent need of help as well.


We reach out

Many young women have lost their husbands and families during the many wars, or in their flight from armed conflict across the region, and they now find themselves living alone with their children in the Aegean city of Izmir, Turkey. At present the vast majority of these women have very little opportunity to continue their dangerous journey or to securely establish themselves and develop a livelihood in Izmir. We want to change this. By establishing a safe space for vulnerable women and their children in the neighbourhood of of Zetyinlik – home to tens of thousands of stranded refugees  – we will work together to preserve their dignity and develop a secure livelihood.


We work together

There are many people and foundations pitching in. We would like to name two of them who are helping us out with money, sound advice and helping hands. Together we are working to get the community center up and running, help women and children to be safe and have an independent life so they can integrate into local society and kids can go to school. Have a look at their websites and like their Facebook pages as well.


Want to help?

1. DONATE Any money you are able to provide will go directly to: the rent of our Community Center; school fees and books for the kids; materials and sewing machines for women who will be trained to seamstresses; food and sanitary delivery to self-made camp’s and kitchen costs. So every donation or donating on a monthly basis is more than welcome. Our donation button is not up and running yet, but do send us an email if you want to donate and we will keep you informed!

2. VOLUNTEER. People who want to stick out their hands are very welcome. We do have two basic rules. You have to stay at least 7 days full time and do your own crowd funding and bring money with you to spend on the project. Supply now and we will answer all your questions.

I want to volunteer now.

3. SHARE. Last but not least you can help us by sharing our story. We are on Facebook. So do like us there and share. We highly appreciate that.



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